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The proposed budget shown below represents a snapshot in time from 2000 when Robert Reed, et al. attempted to incorporate Pfafftown. It does not represent any current data. This information was taken from the Initial Application of the Pfafftown Steering Committee.

Proposed Services
Proposed Ad Valorem Tax Levy
Estimated Assessed Tax Valuation

Expenses Revenues
Administration Sources
Manager, Clark and Other Staff
Fringe Benefits
Professional Fees
Office Supplies

Sub Total $165,600

Property Tax
Sales Tax
Beer/Wine Tax
Franchise Tax
State Street Aid (Powell Bill)

Sub Total $500,600

Maintenance Employee
Fringe Benefits
Vehicle Expense
Service Support

Sub Total $299,000

Town Hall Rent $18,000
General Insurance $18,000

Sub Total $36,000

Total Expenses $500,600 Total Revenues $500,600

Budget Assumptions:

1. The village employs five people. Four of them work in the office: the village manager (paid $36,000 annually), the village clerk (paid $28,000 annually), the finance officer (paid $24,000 annually) and the assistant village clerk ($20,000). The village also employs a maintenance worker ($24,000).

2. Each of the village’s six board members are paid $600 annually and the mayor $1,200.

3. The village provides the following services:

  1. Police protection is provided by an arrangement with the Forsyth County Sheriff Department.
  2. Fire protection (A tax levy for the service is presently in place).
  3. A private hauler handles garbage collection.
  4. The Village will begin a program of installing street lights.

4. The county continues building inspections, tax assessments and tax collections. The state maintains the state roads and the village maintains all other streets with revenue from state street aid (Powell Bill receipts).

5. The Village leases office space until property can be acquired and a Village Hall constructed. The village will own one maintenance vehicle.

6. Revenues are based on a property valuation of $238,102,500 and a tax rate of 10 cents per $100 of valuation. All other revenues are estimated.

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