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Shop Local

Contribute was designed to serve as a resource to bind the Pfafftown community together through a shared history and by utilizing social media. The mobile site is optimized to work more as an app than a true website, providing a quick business search and a local weather check on the home page.

Now, the next step is promotion. A flyer is available optimized for 8-1/2×11 printing. It is available in PDF, JPG and EPS format. If you would like to help with the promotion, simply print copies of distribute them where ever it is acceptable. Thanks in advance for your contribution.


Also, I need all the help I can get with this website. The goal is to get the community invested in wanting to keep the community of Pfafftown around for the long term so that it isn’t entirely absorbed by Winston-Salem and Lewisville. The Muddy Creek Message Board is a good place for people to start sharing ideas, stories and memories of Pfafftown. I have a Wiki which needs to be stockpiled with articles on the history of the community and its influential people. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in writing articles or just sharing the history.

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